Types of Clocks

There are many types of Clocks if you are looking for a clock. Clocks are essential items of every household, and if you are looking to replace yours, it is always a good idea to do a little research to see what’s new in the market—the reason why today’s we’ll show you different types of clocks.

Clocks are one of those key items that can add a remarkable element to any home décor. Finding a clock design that goes perfectly with the interiors is a hard catch. From contemporary designs to those vintage clock designs, there are many clock types that you will love.

But with that many options sometimes, knowing what to choose can be a bit of a hassle. It all depends on your specific needs, whether you want an exquisite and classic piece or simply a traditional alarm clock that can make you get to your apportionments on time. Either way, check out different types of watches and feel free to choose your favorite.

Types of Clocks

Digital Calendar Alarm Day Clock

8″ High-Resolution Digital Alarm Clock spells out the time, date, month. It’s clear enough to look at the time far away.

There’re 2-5 alarm settings available. It’s the best clock to remind medicine taken throughout the day for the aged.

The clock auto dims during the night at 7:00 pm (Mid Brightness or Low Brightness options) and brightens up during the day at 7:00 am (High Brightness). It also has the option to turn off the auto-dimming function.

Types of Clocks: Digital Calendar Alarm Day Clock


  • Digital Alarm Clock
  • Rectangular
  • Large Screen Display

Grandfather Wall Clock

Nothing ties a room together better than a great-looking clock, and the one you choose to place in your home should reflect your personality and

Bring a rustic twist to a classic favorite with the Shiplap Grandfather Clock by FirsTime & Co. With the whitewashed woodgrain finish and planked style, this grandfather clock fits seamlessly into any room.

Standing at 72″ tall, this classic timepiece will be a compelling centerpiece in any living space. Its charming shiplap design with distressed rough wood panels will add a farmhouse vibe to any room.

Types of Clocks: Grandfather Wall Clock


  • Westminster chime
  • Wood
  • Three removable shelves

Silent Non-Ticking Wall Clock

You can’t go wrong with this highly functional clock, perfect for the kitchen or any room and a minimalist look.
Black bold numbers display on the white face can be easily watched. Silent Non-ticking – The high-quality movement for precise time, quiet sweep.

Types of Clocks: Silent Non Ticking Wall Clock


  • Silent
  • Easy to read
  • Easy to hang

LED Display Desk Digital Alarm Clock

The alarm clock has been designed with absolute simplicity in mind, and you will have no problem programming and set the watch and alarm.

Easy for boys, girls, kids, teens, seniors, and the elderly. Specialized knobs to adjust volume and brightness, no any other confused functions like buttons.

The best alarm clock for bedrooms. The alarm will continue for 10 minutes, ensuring waking up. There is also a 9-minute snooze that can be continually pressed until the alarm itself is switched off.

Types of Clocks: LED Display Desk Digital Alarm Clock


  • LED digits
  • Simple to operate
  • Loud alarm

Cuckoo Wood Clock Wall Decor

This cuckoo clock blends perfectly with any furniture style, colors of walls, and any house room.

The entire cuckoo clock is made of wood with precise craftsmanship. It is a great idea to decorate your home.

The clock automatically shuts off in the darkness, comes with two calling mode settings, and is extremely easy to set up.

Types of Clocks: Cuckoo Wood Clock Wall Decor


  • Night sensor
  • Vivid figures
  • Made of wood with precise craftsmanship

What to look for when buying a clock?

  • Functionality
  • Style Statement
  • Size
  • Style
  • Noise
  • Color
  • Power
  • Analog or digital

Additional Questions About Types of Clocks

What are the two different types of clocks?

The two most common types of displays on clocks are analog and digital.

What are the names of the different clocks?

Several popular clock types you can find in the market include analog, digital, hybrid (analog-digital), auditory, word, projection, and more. Each of the types has characteristics and functions that are different from one another.

Clocks by Mechanism

  1. Atomic. Used to measure frequency in electron, microwave, and electromagnetic transition of atoms.
  2. Mechanical. Comprise an oscillator that measures the passing of time.
  3. Electric. Powered by electricity, so all you need to do is plug it into an electric socket.
  4. Quartz. It relies on electronic rhythm movement that’s regulated by quartz crystals to measure time.
  5. Pendulum. These have very wide pointers that allow the device to keep order. It would help if you remembered to wind them regularly and rely on gravity force to function.

Clocks by Features

  1. Analog clock. One of the most famous clock features that comprise numbers on the outside of the instrument’s face.
  2. Digital clock. These clocks are considered to function as the best alarm clocks, and with just a glance, you’ll easily be able to tell the time.
  3. Battery-powered clock. These types of watches are ideal as they can be moved without disconnecting any cords.
  4. Electronic Word clock. Electronic word clocks don’t use numeric displays. Instead, the words on the screen tell you the time. These words can either be recorded via hardware or software.
  5. Radio clock. These clocks can be placed on the desk or bedside table and offer two functions simultaneously.
  6. Musical clock. These mark the hours using a melodic tune. These elaborate clocks are identical versions of chiming clocks.
  7. Calendar clock. Used to place on office desks, so you know exactly what the date is without referring to an actual calendar.
  8. Roman numerals clock. A very classic type, which features Roman numerals on the dials.
  9. Multi-display clock. Their primary purpose is to display multiple time zones, temperatures, and dates.
  10. Light sensor clock. Once you turn off the lights and draw the curtains, the light sensor clock will completely quiet.

Popular Clock Types

  1. Wall clock. These types of watches are usually hung in public areas, where they can be accessed easily.
  2. Audio clock. Audio clocks use human voice recording or computer-generated voice to tell the time.
    Outdoor clock. It is suitable to decorate the exterior part of a business and an excellent option for hanging on the patio or yard of your home to enhance its décor.
  3. Tabletop clock. Usually smaller than most other clocks with a more discreet look than wall clocks.
  4. Mantel Clocks. These clocks are works of art, typically made with a wooden or metal exterior; as such, they are a great decorative furniture piece meant to be placed on a shelf.
  5. Projection clock. Usually digital and include a projector that displays a magnified image on a screen or surface.
  6. Cuckoo clock. Rather than looking at the clock to check the time, a cuckoo clock can be listened to instead.
  7. Marine, weather station, or maritime clock. In addition to time, these allow you to monitor the weather conditions and humidity outside.
  8. Grandfather clock. Most of these clocks are freestanding and tall, with a pendulum mechanism located inside the waist or tower of the clock case.
  9. Floor clock. Floor clocks are similar to grandfather clocks as they are also prominent in size and freestanding.
  10. Alarm clock. The primary function of these clocks is to awaken you or send you a reminder. Most alarm clocks tend to use vibration, light, or sound as their alert functions.

What are the types of wall clocks?

There are many different types of wall clocks; some of them include:

  • Classic wall clocks. Traditional wall clocks tend to be black and white, with numbers, notches to mark the minutes and hours.
  • Large wall clocks. Perfect as a statement piece.
  • Wooden wall clocks. They are made with rigid material, which looks genuinely unique when combined with the trappings of a traditional clock face.
  • Modern wall clocks. These often come in striking colors and materials, such as metals, sleek silvers, and more.
  • Silent wall clocks. They are designed to make practically no sound at all.

What are clocks with hands called?

A clock or watch is called analog when it has moving hands and hours marked from 1 to 12 to show you the time. Some have Roman Numerals (I, II, III, etc.) instead, or no numbers at all.
Analog clocks often use famous clock face – moving hands of an hour and minute handles over the arrangement of fixed numbered dials placed in a circle that signifies 12 hours of one day.

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Photo of author
Janelle Linnard is a home decor enthusiast and writer based in Portland, Oregon. She studied interior design and journalism at the University of Oregon before beginning her career as a freelance writer. In her free time, she loves exploring local antique shops and vintage markets, experimenting with new DIY projects, and sharing her home decor tips and tricks on social media.