Types of Patches

Interested in learning all there is to know about types of patches? We hear you; custom patches can be used for any work and on any fabric. It can be overwhelming for those who are not familiar with using every type out there. So, today you’ll be getting to know about types of patches.

If you are all about trendy styles and creating unique looks, then patching may be just the thing for you. Different types of patches have the power to set you apart from others in terms of clothing customization. Better yet, patches are simply great if you want to add your personal touch to your stuff.

And did it ever occur to you that there are different types of patches out there? From uniforms to clothing to accessories such as bags and shoes, patches represent your signature style. As you can tell, something as simple as a patch can also become a part of your entire persona. Therefore it becomes relevant to know about types of patches.

Types of Patches

Embroidered Patches

Embroidered patches are the perfect combination of affordability, durability, and design potential with hundreds of thread colors to match your logo or drawing. Their unique texturing lets some designs visually “pop” off the patch with real depth.

Tree of Life Yggdrasil Patch Embroidered

Super strong heat seal glue backing. This patch can be iron-on or sew onto any garment. Excellent machine wash performance. It will never come off.

The raw material of this patch has passed the test. It is ideal for adorning your jeans, hats, bags, jackets, and shirts. In only 15 seconds, you can DIY your own style of garments.

types of patches: Tree of Life Yggdrasil Patch Embroidered


  • Sewing, Iron-On
  • Height 3 inches

PVC Patches

PVC patches are rugged, rubberized emblems that hold well to grit, water, mud, paintballs, and whatever gets thrown at them. The unique material lets you have unique “sculpting” for a three-dimensional effect and a great tactile feel.

MilSpec Monkey Stay Rad PVC Patch

Adding to the “stay” and retro 80s themes, we offer this gem for those who were around when this would have been cool or those just getting into synthwave. Hook fastener is sewn on the back 2.37″ x 3″

types of patches: MilSpec Monkey Stay Rad PVC Patch


  • 2.37 Inch x 3 Inch PVC Patch
  • Hook Material Sewn On The Back.

Chenille Patches

Chenille patches are old school, but they’re back in fashion, too. These fuzzy threads don’t show off detail well; they shine in bold, colorful pieces with simple lettering or design.

Varsity Chenille A-Z Patches

These varsity-style letters are made with a thick chenille on a felt backing. Each patch has a heat seal adhesive for easy iron-on application and can be sewn on for additional hold.

You’ll need your desired fabric and an iron to apply the letters. Set the iron on high with no steam and leave it on top of the number for about 1 minute with light pressure.

types of patches: Varsity Chenille A-Z Patches


  • Sewing
  • Self-Adhesive
  • Iron-On

Woven Patches

Woven patches have many benefits of embroidered, but due to the tighter weave, they can “pack in” more details like small letters in the same amount of space. The tradeoff is that they don’t have the “texture” of embroidery, but that works just fine for small lettering.

LOL Doll Queen Bee Patch. Woven

This cute doll patch can make your wardrobe even more special! The decoration can be attached to T-Shirts, jackets, shoes, bags, and many other things.

Don’t miss an opportunity to embellish your favorite outfit with the most famous doll of the LOL series – the one and only Queen Bee.

Made of high-quality fabric with the addition of a shiny lurex thread. Increased durability and ease to use.

types of patches: LOL Doll Queen Bee Patch. Woven


  • Fabric, lurex thread
  • Iron-On the adhesive surface
  • 100% Textile

Leather Patches

These are considered the best for fashion brands, outdoor brands, backpack and bags labels, and giveaways.
One of the most versatile patches, leather can be made to look both outdoorsy or supremely classy. You can find them in luxuriously thick hides and faux leather for customers looking for an affordable or vegan alternative, plus options like branded logos, rivets,s, and more.

Patch Leather Adhesive

Leather repair tape size is 3 x 60 Inches, suitable for different sizes of repair work, and meets different types of repair needs.

100% eco-friendly and healthy, no odor, simple operation, easy to use, can repair a variety of leather products, such as sofas, leather shoes, leather bags, car mounts, etc., is one of the must-haves at every home.

types of patches: Patch Leather Adhesive


  • Premium Quality
  • Eco-friendly
  • Versatile

Name Patches

This patch is commonly found on work shirts at chain stores and factories, where formal ID cards don’t work all the time. This kind of custom patch is simple, coming in only two different colors. As a result, name patches aren’t expensive and can be ordered in bulk for your workplace.

Name Patch Uniform or Work Shirt

types of patches: Name Patch Uniform or Work Shirt


  • Cotton
  • Casual
  • Rectangular
  • Iron on

Printed Patches

Printed patches have a trickier production process, but this custom patch can be used for literally ANY design. Unlike the embroidered patch, printed patches take a blank twill base and get the design printed directly on them in a dying process called sublimation. This makes the colors totally fuse into the base, hence the flat surface effect.

Printed Patch Planet

Heat seal appliques are easy to place on a garment, tote bag, placemats, sheets, etc. Preheat the iron to “cotton” setting.
Position the design and cover it with a thin pressing cloth.

Press straight down with constant pressure for 25 seconds. Allow cooling thoroughly before using. Heat seal to cotton and cotton polyester fabrics.

types of patches: Printed Patch Planet


  • Machine washable and dry cleanable
  • Polyester
  • Iron on

Bullion Patches

Gold and silver metal filaments give these patches heft, substance, and eye-catching appeal. An unquestionably high dollar look, these take time to make by hand and aren’t tremendously affordable.

types of patches: Gold Bullion Wire Patch

Gold Bullion Wire Patch


  • Wire Embroidered
  • Measures: Approx. 3-1/4″ High x 2-3/4″ wide
  • High-quality bullion wire blazer stitch-on patch

Common Questions About Types of Patches

What can you use different types of patches for?

There are actually several styles of patches, with the difference coming from either the material they’re made from or how they’re made, both of which affect your result aesthetically and your bottom line.

What is a patch made of?

Patches are embroidered design on firm backing that is applied to clothing and fabrics. Materials Needed: Top fabric: twill, sailcloth, or other suitable fabric, usually cotton, polyester, or blend material. Backing material: (crinoline and/or tear away) Heat seal.

What are printed patches?

Printed patches involve printing a photograph, design, or text onto a blank piece of twill fabric. Ink is used to fuse the design into the fabric; therefore, these patches have no color limitation.

What is an adhesive patch?

Adhesive patches are the simplest and fastest type of patches. The adhesive on the back of the patches makes the embroidered patches into stickers. Adhesive patches are suitable for any material. This makes them the universal patch.

What patches can you use to repair your favorite items?

Iron-on patches are simple and quick to apply: Press with an iron to melt the adhesive backing. You can use patches to mend tears and holes to prolong the life of your favorite clothing or to decorate and add embellishments to any fabric surface.

Additional Tips on Types of Patches

  • Adhesive patches will not last very long because, over time, the adhesive will wear down through constant washing and use.
  • You can sew the patches to the exterior of the jacket. Remember that this is a permanent job once this is done, simply because removing it would reveal the holes in the fabric.
  • You can affix these two jackets using a combination of sewing and adhesive. This is perhaps the most efficient way to do this, though it will take longer and last the longest out of all other methods.


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Janelle Linnard is a home decor enthusiast and writer based in Portland, Oregon. She studied interior design and journalism at the University of Oregon before beginning her career as a freelance writer. In her free time, she loves exploring local antique shops and vintage markets, experimenting with new DIY projects, and sharing her home decor tips and tricks on social media.
Photo of author
Janelle Linnard is a home decor enthusiast and writer based in Portland, Oregon. She studied interior design and journalism at the University of Oregon before beginning her career as a freelance writer. In her free time, she loves exploring local antique shops and vintage markets, experimenting with new DIY projects, and sharing her home decor tips and tricks on social media.