Types of Garages

Did you know there are different Types of Garages? Interested in learning all there is to know about garages? We hear you, a garage is a key element of every home, and if you are interested in the subject, you might as well start by learning about its different types. Did you know there are different types of garages? Yup, so today, you’ll learn about types of garages.

Garages distinctively offer shelter or storage for your ride or rides, but their function is much more than that. Having a garage means you can easily access your grounds while also helping you avoid the rain and cold. But you already knew all that.

As you can see, garages certainly offer numerous benefits. When thinking about garages, there are key elements you need to consider to choose the one that will suit your specific storage requirements. Therefore it becomes relevant to know about types of garages, you can also look for mudroom lockers, there are quite useful.

Types of Garages

Arrow Shed 12′ x 24′ Murryhill Garage

Made from strong and durable galvanized steel to withstand the elements and resist corrosion and rust.
Presents extra-tall walls and a high-gable roof provides additional headroom and storage space for your tool bench, lawn and gardening equipment, and woodworking tools.  Features a sliding side door that allows you to walk into the garage easily.

Features reinforced steel trusses in the roof for added strength and structural resilience. Includes a metal handle that can easily attach to the front of the garage door.

types of garages: Arrow Shed 12' x 24' Murryhill Garage


  • Steel frame construction
  • Easy entry options
  • Easy assemble

Portable Garage Storage Shed Canopy

The new compact Auto Shelter is the perfect portable garage. Best Heavy duty 1-3/8 in. high-grade steel frame provides strength and stability.
It comes with a high-grade steel frame with a premium powder coat finish which prevents chipping, peeling, rust, and corrosion.

The polyethylene material provides drum-tight coverage that’s waterproof, anti-aging, and will never fade. It is perfect for automobiles, smaller trucks, lawn and garden equipment, ATV’s, jet skis, motorcycles, snowmobiles, wood or other bulk storage.

types of garages: Portable Garage Storage Shed Canopy


  • Polyethylene with PU coating
  • Powder-coated steel
  • Easy to install

Extra Large Heavy Duty Carport

Powder Coated rust resistant steel metal frame. This Heavy Duty Steel Carport frame was designed to weigh more than other similar stylesto make the carports more stable, saf,e and less shaky.

The metal corner joints add more support. The 8 Legs are 1.5 inches wide and to make the whole carport more stable and durable.

Industrial grade Cover Fabric for long-lasting durability and protection guaranteed, keeping your vehicles against the season elements, such as sun, rain, hail, and snow.

types of garages: Extra Large Heavy Duty Carport


  • Metal, Alloy Steel
  • Waterproof
  • Removable Sidewalls and Doors

Garage Shelter for Outdoor Party

A Carport party canopy is a best choice for your cars and outdoor equipment as a garage. It is ideal for your patio, party, boats, truck, horse shade, flea market, parking space, nursery, plants, flowers, camping area, outdoor events or construction area.

It comes with extra 4 High strength steel rods on the top and 8 diagonal triangular reinforcement rods on the sides to reinforce the entire structure.

Heavy Duty Rust Resistant 1.5 inch wide galvanized steel framework and metal corner frame resists chipping, peeling, and corrosion.

types of garages: Garage Shelter for Outdoor Party


  • Durable
  • Reinforced Rods
  • Heavy Duty Frame

Common Questions About Types of Garages

What are the different types of garages?

  • Attached garage. This garage is annexed to the house to easily access your vehicles and storage.
  • Detached garage. As the name suggests, this type of garage is built separately from the main house.
  • Internal garage. An internal garage is built into the home, but rather than being positioned on the side of it like an attached garage, it will take up some of the ground floors of the property.
  • Portico garage. A portico garage is separate from the house but joined via a walkway or an undercover area. The portico is the area where you can walk between your home and garage.
    If you have a detached garage near your home, you can create a portico garage by building a low roof that reaches your garage to your house’s exterior wall.
  • Workshop garage. This type of garage is convenient for those who enjoy DIY projects and use the garage space as a workshop. If you want to turn your garage into a workshop, keep in mind your garage will need power access to have lighting and operate power tools.
  • Cart garage. A carport is not a garage per se, but it serves just like one. A carport will usually, though not always, be attached to the side of the house so that the home’s exterior wall forms one wall of the carport. The remainder of the carport will be made up of corner posts that support the roof.
  • Barn garage. Barn garages are a detached garage with a loft space for additional storage. A barn garage will give you the freedom to store your vehicle and tools on the ground floor.
  • Carriage house garage. A carriage house, also known as a coach house, is a type of garage with an apartment on top. These garages work as a great addition to family homes with growing children because Carriage houses can also work well as a singular living space.

According to the parking layout, garages can also be:

  • Single-car garage. As the name indicates, this garage size can only fit one vehicle. However, the driver and passenger can still open the doors and do some maneuvering. It has an approximate total area of 14 square meters.
  • Double or two-car garage. This kind of a garage can hold two vehicles parked side-by-side. Because there is ample space, it can have two separate doors or a single door. The total area is roughly 28 to 30 square meters.
  • Double or tandem garage. This garage has slim dimensions and has only one door for the cars to get in and out. While this can accommodate two vehicles, they must be parked in front of the other.
  • Three-car garage. This is the biggest type of garage and can allow room for vehicles, plus turn it into a storage and workspace.
  • Four-car garage. This is practically a mansion with a car garage that can fit four rides. These are usually reserved for the grandest homes or people who collect cars as a hobby.

What is the cheapest type of garage to build?

Metal garage cost is the most economical of all the garages; the metal garages are built on-site and only come without a floor. Wood garage cost comes in 2nd place from a price the are modular garages are delivered to your location fully assembled and made with or without a floor.

What is the best type of garage?

Steel is a largely popular garage door material due to its design flexibility, durability, and overall value. Steel garage doors are available in many design options and provide a cheaper, more practical alternative to natural wood.

What are storage garages called?

A residential garage is a walled, roofed structure for storing vehicles that may be part of or attached to a home or a separate outbuilding or shed.


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Photo of author
Janelle Linnard is a home decor enthusiast and writer based in Portland, Oregon. She studied interior design and journalism at the University of Oregon before beginning her career as a freelance writer. In her free time, she loves exploring local antique shops and vintage markets, experimenting with new DIY projects, and sharing her home decor tips and tricks on social media.